Water Fire Extinguisher


  • Synergy Brand Water fire extinguishers is filled with water and super pressurise with nitrogen.
  • It is a liquid agent only recommended for fighting class 'A' class of fires.
  • Ideal uses: Schools, Theatres, Department & retail stores.

Technical Details

Extinguishing Agent WATER
Suitable for Class A
Capacity (kg/lt.) 9 lt
Outside Diameter (mm) 180
Hose/Nozzle PVC Hose with Nozzle
Design as per Standards CE / EN-3 / IS:15683
Discharge- Quantity More than 90%
Duration/Time (Sec.) 23 to 30
Range/Throw (Meter) 6 to 7
Operating Temperature (°C) 5 to 55
Fire Ratings 3 A