SYNERGY - Carbon Dioxide Extinguishing System - UL LISTED


Carbon Dioxide Gas

Under normal atmospheric temperature and pressures, carbon dioxide exists as a colourless, odourless gas which is about 1.5 times heavier than air. Carbon dioxide will not burn or support combustion and will not sustain life. When confined within a suitable pressure vessel and depending on temperature and pressure conditions, carbon dioxide can exist in any of the three stages of matter viz solid, liquid and gas.

High Pressure Carbon Dioxide System

High pressure CO2 system is a specialized fire extinguishing system designed to store carbon dioxide at a pressure of 850psig (at 21˚ C) in high strength alloy steel cylinders. The cylinders contain the CO2 required to protect the largest single hazard. On large hazards where several cylinders are required, a manifold is used and several cylinders are connected to manifold by means of hoses and valves. Cylinder valves control the CO2 flow to the hazard through properly sized pipe, terminating in nozzles that apply the CO2. Flow rate is controlled by nozzle orifices as well as pipe sizes. The cylinder master valves are electronically operated and the slave valves are pressure actuated. The master valves can be automatically and/or manually operated.

  • Paint and varnish manufacturing and processing areas.
  • Powder coating and Painting booths.
  • Transformers and substations.
  • Rolling mills and Turbines.
  • False Floors and cable shafts.
  • Engine test benches and SHIP Engine Room / compartments.
  • Printing machines.

Digital Weight Loss Indicator

    Displays Actual Weight of Cylinder.
  • Displays Weight on the day of installation.
  • Displays date of installation.
  • Displays WEIGHT LOSS and gives out an Audio Visual Alarm Sound on loss of weight by more than 10% (or required by relevant standards) of gas contents.

Mechanical Weight Loss Indicator

    Green light remains on indicating full weight.
  • On weight loss of more than 10% (or as required relevant standards) of gas contents, the balancing weight shall drop down triggering Audio Visual Alarm.
  • The Red light turns ‘ON’ indicating loss of weight.
Direction Valve
Inline Check Valve
CO2 Discharge Nozzle Dome Type
CO2 Discharge Nozzle Reset Type
CO2 Discharge Nozzle Open Type
Pressure Operated Siren
Bleeder Valve
Safety Release Valve
Lock Out Valve
Pressure Switch
Non Rreturn Valve
High Pressure Hose with Swivel Nut
Electro Pneumatic Actuator
Pneumatic Time Delay Unit
12mm-Valve for Fire Suppression Systems
12mm-Solenoid Valve for Fire Suppression Systems
Manual Actuator for Valves
Pneumatic Actuator for Valves
Pneumatic / Manual Actuator for Valves
Manual Actuator for Valves
Electrical Actuator for Valves
Pneumatic Valve
Cylinder Mounting Frame
Wood Bracket