HFC227ea Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing System


  • The SYNERGY CLEAN AGENT EXTINGUISHING SYSTEM is our automatic fixed fire suppression system using clean agent gases to extinguisher all types of fires.
  • The system is designed and restricted as per NFPA standards. It is capable of auto detection and actuation and manual actuation.
  • The main application of the system is for data centres, server rooms or UPS rooms where important data is stored or expensive material is placed which you cannot afford to lose in case of fire.


  • Total solution of fire
  • Safe for human
  • Environment friendly
  • Residue free
  • 24x7 protection with alarm
  • Multiple actuation
  • Data Centre
  • Server Rooms
  • Medical Facilities
  • Industrial Control Rooms
  • Marine Vessels
Clean Agent Cylinder
Cylinder Valve
Non Return Valve
Discharge Hose
Pressure Switch
Discharge Nozzle
Electrical & Manual Actuator
Pneumatc & Manual Actuator