Hydrocore Water Mist System uses water as medium, it transfers the water to water mist with tiny droplet diameter through special designed nozzle under high pressure, which can achieve highest heat exchange efficiency, reduce the temperature of flame and environment. At the same time, there will be enough water vapor around the inflammation point so that the fire could be put out within the shortest time and avoid the re-ignition as efficiently as possible.
For Hydrocore high-pressure water mist system, the working pressure is not less than 10MPa and the droplet size is DV0.9<100µm. Hydrocore high-pressure water mist system is in the leading position of water mist system field all the time.
Efficient heat-absorption
The small droplets, dense and fast moving, vaporize very rapidly and, when doing so, absorb heat 100 thousand times more efficiently than traditional sprinkler system. With the temperature reducing immediately, the fire is stopped from burning in a short time.
Rapid suffocation
The water mist vaporizes and expands 1.680 times when being heated. Filled with the seat of fire, water mist displaces the air to the maximum extent, covering the protected area with the proportion of oxygen in the air below a normal level.
Radiant heat blocking
Water mist penetrates into the seat of fire, with smoke particles binding with the droplets, forming an efficient water curtain, which well blocks the radiant heat and prevents the fire from spreading or reigniting. As a water mist solution, it is safe for equipment, people, and the environment.
Controlling smoke and toxic gas
The size and weight of smoke particles bonding with mist become larger. Particles drop to ground. Thus smoke in air is diluted and less possible to get into lungs, which is good for evacuation. Besides, water mist can absorb CO, HCL and HF effectively and can prevent secondary disaster to sensitive element.
Before the use of water mist, smoke particles are smaller than 10 µm in size. They are easy to inhale and do harm to lungs
After the use of water mist, smoke particles become bigger, difficult to inhale into lungs
Hydrocore high pressure water mist consists of pump unit, pipe, section valves and spray nozzles. Pump unit is made up of main pump, pilot pump, control cabinet, buffer tank, safety relief valve, etc. System can be activated automatically, manually and by emergency.
Hydrocore high pressure water mist currently have CCCF, and working towards FM, CE, etc. Water mist with high speed can reach fire zone rapidly to control and extinguish fire. Lower water consumption causes smaller secondary damage. It is easy to install, commissioning, maintenance and recover rapidly.
HYDROCORE nozzle is manufactured to high standards to protect electrical equipment room, commercial room, high space room, public space, cooling glass, narrow space, etc.
Section Valve
Electric valve as core control pad, avoiding interference of solenoid valve or useless of pneumatic valve.
lt can be open automatically, manually and by button.
Liquid power
9-piston pump with 10MP. It has high kinetic energy, stable pressure, self-lubrication, maintenance free and long working life.
Spray gun
Spray directry to fire source with high density. Easy to operate without recoil. Extinguish A, B and E fire with good atomization.
Save room, easy to install and reorganization. Stainless anti-erosion, free maintenance, easy bending and saving connectors.
Control Pannel
Well designed control pannel makes sure pump unit maintain pressure, activate and stop at in time and thus can serive projects with good quality.
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